mux.Hounds is the Digital Arts Club here at Hoover, a group of fourth and fifth graders learning about advanced tools for digital creation.  We create digital media for personal expression or need, as well as to serve the school’s multimedia needs. Beyond kindness and mutual respect, the only rule at mux.Hounds is the Rule of Make. Since this is a digital arts club, the tools we will use are all digital, and most of them are software applications. Digital arts software is notoriously expensive.  However, thanks to the Open Source movement, there are also a wealth of lesser-known programs that are all free. The links below have specific information about the software and resources we use.

When you are at mux.Hounds, all of your time should be devoted to making something new.  Of course, part of making something new is knowing how to use the tools needed to make that something. For that reason, tutorials are being created for you to work on independently or with a small group of friends.  As the tutorials are created, they will be added to the Resources section of the mux.Lab, our intranet. You are welcome to work at your own pace, whether it is on these tutorials as they are created, an older one you have not mastered as much as you would like, or another project all together.  If you do not have enough time here and want to work on these at home, you should already know how to get back here, and all of the software can be installed for free if you need it at home or another computer.

Your first tutorial is on Audacity, an audio editor.  You will find a link to the tutorial on our intranet here and below next to the software link.


Operating Systems










The mux.Lab is available to members who follow this link.

Click for resource requests.