Swap Meet


For live screencast collaboration, follow this link.


Gaggle Classroom Setup

  • Click Student Admin
  • Click User List
  • Click Classes
  • Click New Class
  • Type a name for your class; consider including class period.
  • Click Okay
  • You can choose whether or not you want to be in the class.  Essentially it will cause you to receive emails that you send out to the class.
  • You DO want to create a homework drop box for this class.
  • Students have to be added one at a time by dragging their names above to the class you want them in below.

Response Classroom Setup

  • Goldenrod icon
  • Teacher Tools
  • Create a new SMART Teacher file and set up your class lists.
  • Fill out form and save.
    • Save file to C: drive,
    • Not to network, My Documents or Thumb Drive
  • Switch to Gradebook view using link at bottom
  • Setup class
    • Use unique class name including period
    • Add students using Students tab
  • Select class
  • Click Start Class

WordPress Setup

  • wordpress.com vs wordpress.org
  • Navigate to wordpress.com
  • Press “Get started here” button
  • Enter preferred blog address, first and last name, and email address
  • Submit and await email