Language Arts

  • Concept Talk – Go to Gaggle and complete the Concept Talk assignment there.  You will be working with your groups and will also use PearsonSuccessnet.
  • Main Idea & Details
    • In your Reading Street book, turn to page 140 (or use your online book).
    • Read through the section on Main Idea and Details before viewing the EnvisionIt video atPearsonSuccessNet. You have to clickthe “Read and Comprehend” tab at the top.
    • Create a graphic organizer like the one on page 140. (Do not forget your heading.)
    • Read “Park Ranger” on page 141.
    • Fill in the main idea and details from “Park Ranger.”
  • Vocabulary
    • Create a chart like this.
    • Draw a picture to represent a glacier.
    • Finish the chart: For each vocabulary word, use the definition from your glossary, draw a picture to represent the word, and write a caption that could describe the picture.
    • If you do not finish in class, make sure to complete the chart for homework.
  • Complete pages 84 & 88 in your Reader’s and Writer’s Notebook.
  • Write or Die writing practice
  • Reader Response from Leveled Readers
  • MovieMaker Vocabulary – By now you should have images for all of your words and a music track.  Start putting the pieces together in MovieMaker.
  • If you need help, watch this:


Social Studies

  • You may continue fine-tuning your BioCube notes.
    • Each of the categories after the first three must have at least two full sentences.
    • Use resources other than Wikipedia if necessary.
  • Research to try to find something else that is interesting about Cuba.
  • Give some food to people who need it.
  • Cuban Research Project questionnaire
  • Cuban map
  • Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


  • Partner One – link
  • Partner Two – link

Social Studies/Science


  • Classifying Organisms
    • Keeping Precious Creatures Organized For Grumpy Scientists
    • Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach
    • King Phillip Cried Out For Good Soup
    • Kevin’s Poor Cow Only Feels Good Sometimes