Winter Holidays of Faith


Winter” Holidays of Faith

You have been studying for several days now about some of the holidays of faith that are often celebrated in the winter. Now it is time to do something with that knowledge. You will need to create three projects, each about a different holiday. You will be able to choose what project you create, as well as what holiday you cover for each. However, you must create three different projects about three different holidays.

For each project, you must answer each of the the questions we talked about in class:

  • What is the name of the holiday?
  • Who celebrates this holiday?
  • When is the celebration and how long does it last?
  • Why is the holiday celebrated?
  • What do people do to celebrate this holiday?

You may create a:

  • Booklet
  • Brochure
  • Story
  • Movie
  • Slide show
  • Presentation
  • Written story
  • Song
  • Cartoon
  • Comic strip or book
  • Other approved idea

For creating these items, you may use:

  • Paper and writing/coloring utensils
  • Printed photographs
  • Microsoft Office or Libre Office
  • Movie Maker or similar software
  • Toon Do
  • GoAnimate or JayCut
  • Anything at Hoover5Tech (follow the link at the bottom of the class website)
  • Anything else that can help you create something listed above)

Each of the three projects should be submitted using a separate rubric, available from Mr. Sallée or here.

  • For a paper project, attach the rubric directly to it.
  • For a digital project that can be viewed online, please write the URL (web address) of the finished product on the top of the rubric.
  • For a digital project that is stored locally (a file on your computer), please submit it to me through Edmodo, and make a note that you did so at the top of your rubric.

No matter how you submit, make sure each rubric has your name and the name of the holiday you selected on it.