Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is next Sunday.  Here is  a simple, interesting project to make your mother, grandmother or important woman in your life feel appreciated:

My Animoto Video.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Animoto.
  2. Set up an account (if you do not already have one).  In the email field, feel free to use your Gaggle account.
  3. Choose the style of the video you would like.  Make sure to leave alone the styles that say “PRO” in the corner.  Those are for paid accounts.
  4. Change your music, if you are not happy with the song that comes along with your video style.
  5. Choose several photographs or video clips from the Animoto library or your own collection.  Try to fill up that main box.
  6. Write something sweet in the Add Text section.  (Mom’s appreciate proper grammar almost as teachers!)  If you need some help, try finding poems here, herehere or here.
  7. Click “Produce Video”
  8. You will have to wait a while, but once the video is done processing, you can watch it.  Then use the “Sharing button” in the upper right to send it to your mother.