• No Hands
  • Extended Desktop
    • Click on this icon  in the tray or right-click anywhere on the desktop.
    • Graphics Options
    • Output To
    • Extended Desktop
    • Notebook + Monitor
  • Chrome
    • Ctrl+Shift+N
    • Click and drag tabs
  • Hackasaurus
    • Bookmark to bar
    • Ctrl+Shift+B
    • X-Ray Goggles
    • Backspace
  • Windows Movie Maker (tutorial)
    • Tasks v. Collections
    • Tools>Options>Advanced>Picture Duration
    • Import
    • Video Effects
    • Video Transitions
    • Titles and credits
    • Show Storyboard/Show Timeline
    • Click and drag to change length
    • File>Save Movie File>My Computer>Next
    • The problem with audio…
  • PortableApps – Portable versions of very useful applications, that can often be installed without the computer user permissions necessary otherwise.
  • GIMP – Incredibly powerful image editor, but it’s free and open source.  It has a long learning curve, but it is well worth it.  Completely remove the word Photoshop from your vocabulary.  (portable here)
  • Audacity – Powerful and simple audio recording and editing, also free and open source.  (portable here)
  • Soundcloud/ThingLink  (example)

Media Sources

Windows Movie Maker is picky about format.  If you cannot import any given file, Winff should be able to help.