High Bandwidth Sites


For both of the movies below, you can have more than one open, as well.

  • Pandora – Enter an artist or song. In the controls band at the top, change the volume to something appropriate (or all the way down, if you prefer).
  • Life in a Day – An HD movie created by YouTube users.  Mute the volume by pressing the speaker button in the lower right of the video.
  • Jungle Book – A classic that is now in the public domain.  Click the word “flash” below the movie.  Press play and then turn the sound off.
  • monoface – This one is just fun, and very strange.
  • Make-a-Flake – This one is just fun, and not nearly so strange.
  • Ubuntu (download page) – This will download a very large file.  If you are really cool, you will figure out how to use it.