Presentation applications occupy this strange space, used by some for live presenting and others for online videos and slideshows. mysimpleshow is definitely the latter, focused on quickly turning out video presentations. There are two primary routes for using the platform:

  1. Importing existing slide presentations in PowerPoint format and
  2. Writing narration for a whiteboard style video, à la RSA Animate.

When importing, the visuals will be lost, so, tending as I do towards highly visual presentation slides, this option is not useful at all for me.

However, the writing narration option detects keywords and connects them with visuals. The resultant images and their movements are customizable and fun, if repetitive. In the video below, created in about 5 minutes, I left all the suggested keywords and their images intact, as suggested. You can see the result is a little odd.

One particularly nice option in the final steps, especially for the camera (or microphone) shy is the audio. You can choose between two TTS voices or record your own voice over.

In either case, the process is straightforward and well-scaffolded. This is not groundbreaking in terms of either style or technology, but it does provide a simple and quick solution to present information.